Game of Thrones Astrology Profile: Tyrion Lannister

So Tyrion Lannister is one of my favorite characters in the Game of Thrones Universe. Here is my take on his theoretical astrological profile.

#Virgo rising, with #Gemini on the MC, with both #Mercury and #Sun in the 10th, with Mercury being in its #heliacal rising, free from the Sun’s beams, as signficator for his great intellect, adaptability, resourcefullness etc.
Saturn in the Ascendant as a tentative significator of Tyrion’s physical disability (together with Moon/body destroyed by Mars), but also for his commanding/demanding/debilitated father (killed his own father?), and maybe even his quiet reflective nature.

#Moon in the 12th, debilitated, for loss of mother, and also fluctuating fortunes, imprisonment etc.
Venus in 11th/Cancer, with Part of Spirit and Nemesis, lots of lady friends, and also downfall because of lady friends, issues with attachment and love in general.
Part of Fortune in Scorpio, with Mars in the 9th opposing for rather less fortunate in life, and success through travels and own actions.

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