What is Astrology?

Brief Introduction to Astrology

What is Astrology? Astrology is a concept that was developed early in human history and thinking (most likely Mesopotamia, around 5000 BC ) with the main objective to introduce order in an apparently chaotic Universe.  It is based on a specific understanding of celestial movements that introduces the notion the Macro-cosmos (Universe) is a mirror of  the Human Micro-cosmos (see a detailed article on Where Astrology Came From). This article is based on Hellenistic Astrology doctrine and concepts.

While mainstream thinking compares Astrology to modern Science, thereby calling it a Pseudoscience, the comparison is actually wrong, since Astrology is not founded on scientific principles, but rather on metaphysical principles (See How and Why Astrology Works):

Astrology is a study of symbols, based on a certain metaphysical framework regarding Destiny and Free Will. This study enables the Astrologer to see patterns in a chart that can be translated in propositions or testimonies regarding the subject, be it a Person, a thing, a Town or a Country.

Astrology was initially viewed as a political or governing instrument for state officials/priests to understand the destiny of a kingdom or a population. Later on came further developments in terms of Natal Astrology in the Hellenistic Period (Hellenistic Egypt).

That being said, the movements of the Planets around the Earth, as seen from Earth’s perspective, are signs or indicators of a higher celestial order that is reflected on Earth. In order to translate this higher order and its possible meanings into our common language, an Astrological Language System was devised by early Astrologers (astronomer priests and thinkers), based on:

  • Planets – as verbs for action (What?)
  • Zodiac Signs – as modifiers of action (How?)
  • Houses – as place for action (Where?)
  • Fixed Stars – Specific Significators of Fate

General Principles of Interpretation

You can think of Astrological interpretation in terms of process that is similar to a  Trial, where witnesses testify for or against certain propositions or delineations, thereby providing testimonies for the purpose of building a case for the Life of the Native.

Similarly, the Planets are the witnesses that are called upon to testify in front of the Cosmic mind according to their particular placement in terms of:

  • Sign – whether it’s a Sign they rule, or a sign ruled by a benefic, or an antagonistic sign,
  • House – whether the Planet is in an operative house (Angular or succedent), or in an inoperative house (usually cadent).
  • Aspects to other planets – benefic aspects to benefic planets bring about more positive significations, while benefic or difficult aspects to malefic planets bring about the lessening of positive effects or even the complete destruction of them.
  • Conjunctions with particularly important stars.

The Planet is then the main principle that is used in interpreting a chart. All the other factors (sign, house, aspects, conjunctions) modify the baseline signification of the planet, upgrading or downgrading its core meaning.

Quick guide to interpreting planet/sign/house configurations

The Benefic stars which are appropriately and favorably situated bring about their proper effects according to their own nature and the nature of their sign, with the aspects and conjunctions of each star being blended.  If the Benefics are unfavorably situated, they are indicative of reversals of their meaning.

In the same way even the malefic stars, when they are operative in appropriate places in their own sect, are bestowers of good and indicative of the greatest positions and success. When the Malefics are inoperative, they bring about disasters and accusations.

Brief Description of Planets in Astrology

A ‘Planet’ in Astrology is one of the 7 bodies or stars that are visible to the naked eye: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury & the Sun and the Moon. Although the Sun and the Moon are not planets in the modern sense of the word, they where originally grouped together with the actual planets due to the fact that they all shine, and were seen as movable or wandering stars against the backdrop of the fixed stars/constellations.

In the following sections you will find brief descriptions of the Astrological elements, collected from the Hellenistic Astrology work of Vettius Valens, from nearly 2000 years ago.

General Nature of the Sun

The Sun

In a nativity the all-seeing Sun, nature’s fire and intellectual light, the organ of mental perception, indicates kingship, rule, intellect, intelligence, beauty, motion, loftiness of fortune, the ordinance of the gods, judgement, public reputation, action, authority over the masses, the father, the master, friendship, noble personages, honors consisting of pictures, statues, and garlands, high priesthoods, one’s country & other places. It is of the Day sect.

General Nature of the Moon

The Moon Jacob Matham

The Moon, lit by the reflection of the sun’s light and possessing a borrowed light, in a nativity indicates man’s life, body, the mother, conception, , appearance, sight, living together (i.e. legitimate marriage), nurture, the older brother, housekeeping, the queen, the mistress of the house,
possessions, fortune, the city, the assembly of the people, gains, expenses, the household, voyages, travel and wanderings (it does not provide straight pathways because of Cancer). It is of the Night Sect.

General Nature of Saturn

Saturn - Jacob Matham

Saturn makes those born under him petty, malignant, care-worn, self-depreciating, solitary, deceitful, secretive in their trickery, strict, downcast, with a hypocritical air, squalid, black-clad, importunate, sad-looking, miserable, with a nautical bent, plying waterside trades. Saturn also causes
humblings, sluggishness, unemployment, obstacles in business, interminable lawsuits, subversion of business, secrets, imprisonment, chains, griefs, accusations, tears, bereavement, capture, exposures of
children. Saturn makes serfs and farmers because of its rule over the land, and it causes men to be renters of property, tax farmers, and violent in action. It puts into one’s hands great ranks and distinguished positions, supervisions, management of others’ property, and the fathership of others’ children. It is of the Day Sect.

General Nature of Jupiter

Jupiter Art Fine Art Astrology Reproduction

Jupiter indicates childbearing, engendering, desire, loves, political ties, acquaintance, friendships with great men, prosperity, salaries, great gifts, an abundance of crops, justice, offices, officeholding, ranks, authority over temples, arbitrations, trusts, inheritance, brotherhood, fellowship, beneficence, the secure possession of goods, relief from troubles, release from bonds, freedom, deposits in trust, money, stewardships. It is of the Day Sect.

General Nature of Mars

Mars Jacob Matham

Mars indicates force, wars, plunderings, screams, violence, whoring, the loss of property, banishment, exile, alienation from parents, capture, the deaths of wives, abortions, love affairs, marriages, the loss of goods, lies, vain hopes, strong-armed robbery, banditry, looting, quarrels among friends, anger, fighting, verbal abuse, hatreds, lawsuits. Mars brings violent murders, slashings and bloodshed, attacks of fever, ulceration, boils, burns, chains, torture, masculinity, false oaths, wandering, embassies under difficult circumstances, actions involving fire or iron, craftwork, masonry. In addition Mars causes commands, campaigns and leadership, infantrymen, governorships, hunting, wild game, falls from heights or from
animals, weak vision, strokes. It is of the Night Sect.

General Nature of Venus

Venus - Macob Matham

Venus is desire and love. It indicates the mother and nurture. It makes priesthoods, school superintendencies, high offices with the right to wear a gold ring or a crown, cheerfulness, friendship, companionship, the acquisition of property, the purchase of ornaments, agreements on favorable terms, marriages, pure trades, fine voices, a taste for music, sweet singing, beauty, painting, mixing of colors both in embroidery, dyeing, and unguent making. the inventors and masters of these crafts, as well as craftsmanship or trade, and work in emeralds, precious stones, and ivory. Within its terms and degrees in the zodiac, Venus causes men to be gold-spinners, gold workers, barbers, and people fond of cleanliness and toys. It bestows the office of supervisor of weights and measures, the standards of weights and measures, markets, factories, the giving and receiving, laughter, good cheer, ornamentation, and hunting in moist places. Venus gives benefits from royal women or from one’s own, and it brings
very high rank when it operates in such affairs. It is of the Night Sect.

General nature of Mercury

Mercurius Jacob Matham

Mercury indicates education, letters, disputation, reasoning, brotherhood, interpretation, embassies, number, accounts, geometry, markets, youth, games, theft, association, communication, service, gain, discoveries, obedience, sport, wrestling, declamation, certification, supervision, weighing and measuring, the testing of coinage, hearing, versatility. It is the bestower of forethought and intelligence, the lord of brothers and of younger children, and the creator of all marketing and banking. In its own character, it makes temple builders, modelers, sculptors, doctors, secretaries, legal advisors, orators, philosophers, architects, musicians, prophets, diviners, augurs, dream interpreters, braiders, weavers, systematic physicians, those in charge of war and strategy, and those undertaking any unusual, systematic work in accounting or with reasoning.

As for the end result—Mercury will make everything capricious in outcome and quite disturbed. Even more, it causes those having this star in malefic signs or degrees to become even worse. It takes the sect of the planets that it interacts with.

Brief description of the Zodiac Signs

General Nature of Aries

Aries is the house of Mars, a masculine sign, tropic, terrestrial, governing, fiery, free, upward-trending, semi-vocal, noble, changeable, procuratorial, public, civic, with few offspring, servile, the Midheaven of the universe and the cause of rank, two-toned (since the sun and the moon make white lichen). It is also unaspected and ecliptic. Depending on its relationship with the houseruler, men born under this sign will be brilliant, distinguished, authoritarian, just, hard on offenders, free, governing, bold in thought, boastful, great-hearted, restless, unstable, haughty, inflated, intimidating, quickly changing, wealthy. When the houserulers are favorably situated and have benefics in aspect, kings and powerful men are born, those having the say over life and death.

General Nature of Taurus

Taurus is feminine, solid, lying in the sun’s spring tropic, is productive of order, earthy, rustic, related to farming, a freedman, downward-trending, with few offspring, semi-vocal and mute, noble, invariable, energetic, unfinished, indicative of estates and possessions. The ecliptic lies to the north, rising in line with its highest point. Men born under this sign are noble, energetic, toilsome, good at keeping things, pleasure-loving, music-loving, generous. Some are laborers, propagators, planters. If benefics incline toward this place or if the houseruler is favorably situated, men become priests and school superintendants, as well as those judged worthy of crowns and of the purple, of monuments and statues; also supervisors of temples and distinguished and brilliant individuals.

General Nature of Gemini

Gemini is male, bicorporeal, articulate, the house of Mercury, upward-trending, celestial, feminizing, a freedman, sterile, public. Under it are born scholars, those working in education and letters, poets, musiclovers,
declaimers, stewards, those who receive trusts; also translators, merchants, judges of good and evil, sensible people, practicioners of the curious arts, and seekers after mystic lore. In general, whatever the houseruler usually produces according to its own nature, whether good or bad, greater or lesser, this it produces in each of the signs according to the operative or inoperative configuration of the houseruler.

General Nature of Cancer

It is the house of the Moon, feminine, solstitial, the Ascendant to the universe, slavish, downward trending, mute, watery, noble, changeable, public, popular, civic, prolific, amphibious. Men born under this sign are ambitious, popular, constantly changing, theatrical, cheerful, easily downcast, pleasureloving, party-giving, public. Unsteady of mind, they say one thing but think another, and not sticking to one activity or (at the most) two, they become wanderers and travelers.

General Nature of Leo

Leo is masculine, the house of the sun, free, fiery, temperate, intellectual, kingly, stable, noble, upward-trending, changeable, solid, governing, civic, imperious, irascible, Men born under this sign are distinguished, noble, steady, just, haters of evil, independent, haters of flattery, beneficent, inflated with their lofty thoughts. If the houseruler is at an angle or in aspect with benefics, then brilliant, glorious individuals are born, tyrants and kings.

General Nature of Virgo

Virgo is the house of Mercury, feminine, winged, anthropomorphic, luxurious, standing like the figure of Justice, bicorporeal, barren, a freedman, with no offspring, downward-trending, earthy, common,
semi-vocal or mute, concerned with the body, incomplete, changeable, industrious, two-natured. Men born under this sign are noble, modest, religious, burdened with care, leading a quite varied life, administrators
of others’ goods, trusted, good stewards, secretaries, accountants, actors, practitioners of curious arts and seekers after mystic lore, spendthrifts in their early years but prosperous later in life.

General Nature of Libra

Libra is the house of Venus, masculine, equinoctial, anthropomorphic, upward-trending, airy, feminizing, vocal, noble, changeable, a diminisher of estates, the Lower Midheaven of the universe, public, ecliptic, the supervisor of crops, vineyards, olive groves, aromatics, homesteads, measures, and artisans. Men born under this sign are noble and just, but malicious, covetous of others’ goods, average in fortune, losing their original possessions and falling into vicissitudes, living through ups and downs of fortune, being in charge of measures, posts, and the grain supply.

General Nature of Scorpio

Scorpio is the house of Mars, feminine, solid, rainy, fecund, destructive, downward-trending, mute, servile, unchangeable, the cause of stenches, a destroyer of property, ecliptic, having many feet. Men born under this sign are tricky, base, thieves, murderers, traitors, incorrigible, destroyers of property, connivers, burglars, perjurers, covetous of others’ property, accomplices in murder, poisonings, and other crimes, haters of their own family

General Nature of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the house of Jupiter, masculine, fiery, upward-trending, vocal, moist because of the constellation Argo, noble, winged, changeable, bicorporeal, two-natured, mysterious, with few offspring, half-finished, governing, kingly. Men born under this sign are noble, just, great-hearted, judges, generous, loving their brothers and their friends. They lose much of their original possessions but gain them back. They are superior to their enemies, seek a noble reputation, are benefactors, prominent,
and act mysteriously.

General Nature of Capricorn

Capricorn is the house of Saturn, feminine, tropic, earthy, destructive, barren, downward-trending, chilling, mute, servile, the cause of troubles, brutal, lurking, mysterious, two-natured, moist, half–finished, a hunchback, lame, the Descendant of the universe, indicative of misfortune and toil, a
sculptor, a farmer. Men born under this sign are bad, warped. They pretend goodness and sincerity. They are toilsome, burdened with care, insomniac, fond of jokes, plotters of great deeds, prone to make unfortunate mistakes, fickle, criminal, lying, always criticizing, shameful.

General Nature of Aquarius

Aquarius is the celestial sign which is masculine, solid, anthropomorphic, somewhat damp, single. It is mute, quite cold, free, upward-trending, feminizing, unchanging, base, with few offspring, the cause of troubles arising from athletic training, carrying burdens, or work in hard materials, an artisan, public. Men born under this sign are malicious, haters of their own families, incorrigible, self-willed, deceitful, tricky, concealing everything, misanthropic, godless, accusers, betrayers of reputations and the truth, envious, petty, occasionally generous (because of flow of water), uncontrollable.

General Nature of Pisces

Pisces is the celestial sign which is feminine, moist, quite wet, bicorporeal, with many offspring, mossy, scaley, sinewy, humpbacked, leprous, two-formed, mute, motile, with rough skin, in conflict with itself because one Fish is northern, the other southern. It is moist, downward-trending, servile, changeable, with many offspring, bicorporeal, sociable/lewd, with some limbs missing, the cause of wandering, varied. Men born under this sign are unsteady, unreliable, changing from bad fortune to good, sexy, theivish, shameless, prolific, popular.

Astrology assumptions and premises

Below you will a see a series of assumptions and premises that I use in my Astrology professional practice, that you can then judge critically by yourself:

  1. The Stars DO NOT influence our destinies. They act as a subtitle to Life, unfolding before our very eyes in the night sky. In other words, responsibility for our actions and results rests entirely on our shoulders.
  2. There is NO PERMANENT PREDETERMINATION of our actions. We DO HAVE FREE WILL. That being said, the vast majority of our present and future actions and decisions are largely based on previous decisions and thought patterns (habits and unconscious tendencies). True FREE WILL is achieved only through hard work and knowledge of the SELF.
  3. Our Souls chose these particular lives before our birth, for a particular reason/purpose. They do not necessarily choose a specific Destiny, but more probably a Life, or a Way of Life.
  4. The Purpose of Life is to become Conscious, through knowledge and awareness of the Self.
  5. The Natal Chart does not show the ‘Final Destination’, but only an initial general direction, a range of possibilities, out of an infinity of possibilities, and more specifically a ‘Way of Life’ (as a whole).
  6. True predictability of the future and Destiny is not and nor should it be possible (if we allow for Free Will). That being said, a large part of our actions is predictable due to the fact that we don’t exercise Free Will, but rather continue to act and choose in the same manner as we were educated/taught to choose. In this sense, there would appear a Destiny, but only Consciousness and Free Will are not developed to the extent that we can free ourselves from the prison of habit and conformity.

General signification of the Houses

The Houses in Hellenistic Astrology represent various topics of life, therefore they are called topical places. The Domification System that is used is Whole Sign House System, where each Sign corresponds in its entirety with a Topical Place/house. The general Signification of the houses is based on their relationship to the Ascendant, the most important place in the chart, and rather than having significations they serve as modifiers for the Planetary conditions!

The XII place of the Evil Spirit – Inoperative Place

This place is disconnected from the Ascendant. If the malefics happen to be in this place, they will cause great wounds and traumas, especially if they are in their proper face/decan. If the Lot of Fortune is present in this Place and some planet rules it, there will be no help, not even during transits. They have become enemies from the beginning, from the moment of birth. In the same, way benefics found in this Place will not bestow their benefits. Whenever these three stars fall in this place/sign (the rulers of the Ascendant, of the Lot, and of Spirit/Daimon), they make men unfortunate and disgraced, those lacking their daily bread.

The XI place of the Good Spirit – Operative Place

If the benefics are in the Sign of the Good Daimon, located in their proper places and in their proper faces, they make men illustrious and rich from youth—even more so if they are trine from the right with the Lot of Fortune or sextile with the Ascendant. If they are in an listening or beholding sign they provide even more and greater benefits. If one of the benefics appears in opposition to the Good Daimon and its houseruler is also present, these stars bring bigger and better benefits and successes. If malefics are in
conjunction with the Good Daimon, they cannot do any evil. It is most efficacious if the houserulers of the Lot, the Ascendant, and the Good Daimon happen to be rising or if most stars are in conjunction or
in aspect with these in operative signs; they then make men glorious and extremely wealthy.

X  – The Midheaven – Operative place

Both benefics and malefics rejoice in this place if they have been assigned the Lot, the Ascendant, or Daimon. If any of the are in it when rising, or if they have contact with the moon, tyrants and kinds are born, governors of districts, men known by name in many places. The ruler of this Place, if
situated favorably, makes vigorous/successful men; if situated unfavorably, it makes feeble/unsuccessful men. If it is setting and a malefic is in conjunction or in opposition to this Place, it makes failures, as well as sterile or childless men.

IX – Place of the God Sun

If benefics happen to be in this Place and have been assigned the Ascendant or Fortune, the native will be blessed, reverent, a prophet of the great god; in fact he will be obeyed like a god. If are not there, and if Mercury alone is in aspect, the native will be involved in soothsaying; he will he will
expound his craft to the masses. He will become an royal clerk from his middle years. But if malefics are in conjunction and rule the previously mentioned places (the Ascendant and Fortune), or if they are in aspect from the right with the Lot, the native will be a tyrant: he will found some cities; he will sack others; he will pillage many people most wickedly. If Daimon or Fortune happens to be in the Place of the Bad Daimon, but the houserulers of the Lot and of the Ascendant are in this Place , the native will be involved in very many evils, in travel, and will lose whatever he has gained, or he will take refuge in temples because of his desires or pains.

VIII – Place of Death – Inoperative Place

Benefics appearing in this place are ineffectual and weak, and they do not bestow their proper benefits. If in addition they rule the Ascendant and the Lot of Fortune, they are even more ineffectual and variable. If malefics are in conjunction and rule the Lot, the native is a vagrant, losing whatever he may have gained. If the Lot falls in this Place and if malefics are in conjunction and are houserulers of the Lot, the native will be poor, unable to clothe himself. If also rule the Ascendant, he will be abject his whole life. If the houseruler of the Lot or of the Ascendant is under the rays of the sun, the native will stretch out his hands to beg. If Mercury alone is in this Sign and is ruler of Intelligence (as Daimon is called), it makes fools, dullards, those handicapped in speech, illiterates. If Fortune , the native, besides
being dull, will also be stupid and poor, especially if is under the sun’s rays. If under these circumstances malefics are also in conjunction, the native will be deaf and dumb. Only the moon, when its light is waxing, seems to rejoice in this Place.

VII – Place of Descendant, Marriage, Relationships

Benefics in this Place and ruling the Ascendant or the Lot of Fortune indicate good things for the native: inheritances, sudden acquisition of other property, and benefits from a death. If the benefics are not in their own places, men are less prosperous, but not poverty-stricken. If Mercury alone is in conjunction and in its proper face, the native will make gains in his old age and will be entrusted with cities and the affairs of kings. If malefics are in this Place and rule the Lot or the Ascendant and are in their proper faces, the native’s life will be subject to ups and downs, especially in old age, but he will not be in poverty. He will spend the income derived from calumny and wickedness/vituperation. If malefics rule the
Lots but are not in their proper face or in their own sect, the native will lead a wretched old age; a few will come into prisons for a time and into decrepitude and disease. If Jupiter is in aspect from the right, men
enter temple service because of sickness; they are troubled and suffer from hemorrhages and disease of the genitals or fingers. If Mercury is with Mars in the Setting Sign, men become accomplices in banditry and murder; as a result they perish miserably thereafter. Malefics setting while out of their own signs cause suicides. Benefics make men with much experience and those who are fortunate in old age.

VI – Bad Fortune, The Place of Mars – Inoperative Place

If benefics happen to be in this Place, the native will lose whatever he possesses; his property will not stay with him. He will suffer loss because of fines when advanced in years. If the sun is in this Place and rules the Lot of Fortune or the Ascendant, it causes the native to be condemned by the highest authority. If Saturn rules , the native will be a wanderer, prone to give offense, and he will flee his homeland, barely keeping himself alive. If Jupiter rules the Lot or the Ascendant, the native will lose his property in civil suits. If Venus rules, he will suffer trials and penalties because of a woman. Such men, being disagreeable, are insensible to love. If Mars rules, it causes wounds and diseases in the limb indicated by the sign , and it makes naked beggars who come to a miserable end. If Mercury rules the Lot or the Ascendant, it makes plotters, thieves, slanderers, and men who are reviled in public. If the moon is in this Place, the native will be a slave, helpless—unless the rest are in conjunction with the moon: if the other stars are situated favorably, the native can be free and respectable, even though the moon is in Bad Fortune.

V – Good Fortune – Place of Venus

If benefics hold the Ascendant or the Lot of Fortune, the native will be great, will lead the masses, and will make laws for them. Venus will be especially gracious if it rules the Ascendant or the Lot. Especially if Venus is in its proper face or in its own place, it makes men wealthy and honored. The same if true for all the stars: if they govern the Ascendant or the Lot, they produce the good that is appropriate to their nature and to Good Fortune. If Mars happens to be situated as specified, men will be rulers of all sorts of places: governors, tyrants, and masters of life and death—not only over lesser men but also over men of high rank. If Saturn is in this Place, men will be masters of estates, flocks, and herds; they will establish
towns and villages. If the sun is in this Place, men will be friends of great lords, associates of kings, governors of temples. If Mercury is in this Place men will be successful through words and worthy of much money. If the moon is configured well, holds the Lot or the Ascendant, and is in this Place along with its houseruler, the native will be long-lived, growing old in prosperity. The benefics help greatly while passing through this Place; the malefics cannot do harm.

IV – Place of lower midheaven

If benefics rule the Ascendant or Fortune, and are in this Place, the native will make his living in temples. If benefics are assigned the Archetypal Lot, and are houserulers at Lower Midheaven, the native will be given revelations by gods and through visions of ghostly shapes. If Mars is here with them and is assigned Fortune and the Ascendant, the native will live a troubled life, disgraced, falling into difficulties, engaged in criminal activity with others, and suffering a violent/self-inflicted death. It must be observed that this Place implies good repute after death and bequests to heirs. If malefics are in this Place, the native will bequeath his property to whomever he wishes.

III – Place of the Moon

If the moon is in this Place, is assigned the Ascendant or the Lot, and is in its proper face, the native will be great and a master of many good things. He will rule a city; he will give orders to many men; he will be obeyed; and he will be master of treasuries. If the sun should also be in this Place with the moon when the moon is just past new, the native will be a priest or priestess of the great goddess and will have an unsurpassed livelihood. If Saturn is here with the moon, the native will be subject to God’s wrath, will
be punished, will often come into trials, and will blaspheme the gods many times because of what has happened to him. If Jupiter is with the moon, the native will be a prophet, fortunate, rich, famous, and will be master of many good things. If Mars is in conjunction with the moon, he will be successful, but wicked: he will embezzle deposits, will get his living through the murder or robbery of others, and will travel widely. If Mars is appropriately situated in its own faces, the native will be a governor of towns and cities (depending on the character of the nativity), but he will also be unjust, a perjurer, and covetous of others’ goods. He will perish suddenly because of the wrath of authority.  If Venus in her own places
rules the Place of the Goddess and the Lot of Fortune (especially for night births), the native will be rich and well liked by women. Some will be royal governors, rulers of towns, because the goddess has been assigned the Lot of Fortune in the House of the Goddess. If Mercury is with the moon
in the Sign of the Goddess and rules the Lot of Fortune or the Ascendant, the native will foretell everyone’s future and will share in the mysteries of the gods.

II – Gate of Hades

In this Place the benefics do no good, the malefics make men sluggish and injured, unable to wade through their lives to the end. If the Lot is in this Place, and if malefics are the houserulers of the Lot or the Ascendant, the native becomes a cemetery guard, living his life outside the city gates. Saturn ruling the Lot of Fortune and in this Place makes dead-souled men, those weak in body and suffering chains/imprisonment for a long time, until the completion of the chronocratorship of the star. Jupiter in this Place causes expenditure of the native’s resources until the end so that nothing is left; it brings the gift of children, but not with good fortune. Mars in this Place and houseruler of the Lot and of the Ascendant makes men who are prone to give offence, are subject to penalties, and whose actions are hindered. Some become captives, but are later freed. If Mars (in its own degrees or signs) is in charge of the Lot of Fortune, when the Lot is in this Place, men become jailers, making a livelihood in prisons or a living among
the cells. If the sun is in this Place, and if it is houseruler of the Lot or the Ascendant, and in its own house, or in the places of Saturn, the native will lose his sight in the chronocratorship of Mars, will be plundered of his ancestral property, and will become a beggar. If  Venus is in this Place and is houseruler of the Lot or the Ascendant, it will bring public, disreputable
occupations if Venus happens to be at its morning rising. Mercury in this Place and located under the rays of the sun makes stupid, illiterate men. If it is also ruler of the Second Fortune (the one called Daimon), it makes men deaf and dumb. If it is rising, men engage in curious arts, attempting what they have not learned, but still succeeding in their science. If the moon is in this Place with Saturn in the Ascendant, the opposite happens: the native will suffer from cataracts and glaucoma.

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