Game of Thrones Astrology Profile: Jon Snow

For those of us who are into Game of Thrones and Astrology, I present you a unique theoretical approach to one of our favorite characters: Jon Snow’s Astrology Profile

Through a Hellenistic/Traditional approach to Astrology I have “designed” Jon Snow’s natal chart as follows:
Combative, yet reserved. Exalted #Sun, high profile father, #Moon in 12th, for disconnected mother. #Aries #Mars in a day chart (under Sun’s beams) rising – propensity for battle and wounds (stabbed to death??), with #Saturn on the MC, in the 10th, in #Capricorn, in a day chart for stern leadership/command.

In reply to potential comments regarding Jon not being an Aries type, I specifically chose the Aries Ascendant and Sun Sign, with Mars under the Asc and combust from the Sun’s rays, which traditionally takes the edge off Mars’s temper and keeps it focused.

Saturn on the MC and in a power position over Sun/Mars would  leave a strong mark on the Aries configuration. Also, Sun and Saturn are in exceptional places to signify an imposing father figure, and also the death of one (Sun with Mars and “destroyed” by Saturn, authority), etc.

Also, Moon in 12th, disconnected from the Asc and its Ruler would signify both his fractured relationship with his step mom, but also the loss of his natural mother.

Let me know what you think of his chart and if you’d like to see more character analyses. 🙂

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