Game of Thrones Astrology Profile: Joffrey Baratheon

Who is Joffrey Baratheon?

For those of you who didnt watch the Game of Thrones series, Joffrey Baratheon is a complex character and one of the ‘vilains’ of the series. He is the product of an incest between Cersei Lannister, wife of Robert Baratheon, and Jamie Lannister – her brother and Guard of the King. In this article we will try to discover how would his birth chart would look.

Even before he ascends to the Iron Throne he is spoiled, arrogant, selfish, sadistic and subsequently rules with cruelty and arrogant whims.

Joffrey Baratheon Astrology Profile

His profile was rather tricky to design, but I finally chose a Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon and Aquarius rising to account for his crude and psychopathic personality, and his overall malefic nature.

Specifically, I made the Sun and Mercury both conjunct in Scorpio, putting Mercury in combustion, both being ruled by Mars, and also besieged by both Mars and Saturn, both angular. Having both malefics in angular places and besieging both Sun and Mercury, and the Moon at the same time, is indicative of both his foul character and early death, since both his luminaries are afflicted (Moon is also with the malefic Algol star, angular).

Mars is conjunct his Ascendant showing signs of death/accidents, with Saturn opposing from the 7th place.

Even though he ascends to kingship (Sun in 10th), mostly through his Mother (exalted Moon in 4th), his success is short lived due to the afflicting conditions in the chart.

Arabic lots

I also did a study of his arabic/hermetic lots to see if the general conditions of the chart agree with the particular ones.

I was pleasently surprised that both Lots of Fortune and Spirit fell in Leo (Lannister coat of arms), a sign of great power, especially with the Sun in the 10th, but they were joined by joined by Saturn and opposed by Mars (his prime malefic). This is a clear sign of corrupted fortunes, high rise and abrupt downfall.

His Lot of Courage is in the 7th, with Saturn. Shows courage, but it’s a kind of courage that is corrupted by his sadistic desires, rather than valiant or noble courage.

His lots of Basis (B – 1st House) and Exaltation (Ex – 6th house) show that he is born to a high station in life and rises further with the help of his Mother (Moon).

Moreover, his Lot of destruction is Angular in the 1st House, and is occupied by Mars and opposed by Saturn. One of the worst configurations that could have come up to confirm my initial astrological hypotheses.


I was actually pretty amazed at the resulting configuration of lots, that really confirmed what I was aiming for: sadistic, cruel & selfish persobality, tyrannical, arrogant ruler. In his chart, there are 2 oppositions that ultimately set the stage for his early rise and fall: Sun-Moon & Mars-Saturn. 

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