New Project: Zodiacal Memory Palace

I have always known a deep fascination for the memory systems of the ancients – the Memory Palace in particular – with the help of which they were able to memorize long discourses or even entire books!

That being said, and under the influence of Frances Yates’ book `The Art of Memory”, I recently came up with the desire of creating an Astrological Memory Palace, based on the 36 decans of the Zodiac, for research and personal use.

What is a Memory Palace?

Memory Palaces have been used for a long time and have been called by different names throughout history (Loci system, Roman Room, Journey Method etc). It is a very simple system and  basically consists in the following:

  1. Visualize or imagine a room that has a certain layout and various objects in it
  2. Memorize the objects in the room in a specific order
  3. Retrace your steps in the room so that you will have a clear memory of what the room contains and the precise order of the objects

Having completed the 3 steps above, you then assign the things you want to remember (a grocery list) to the various items in the room, in their specific order.

The Zodiac Memory Palace

Based on this concept I started designing a Zodiac Memory Palace/Wheel, and I am very excited to have already finished the main layout and the first decan of Aries. You can see how it looks in the image below.

In the image above I have selected the Aries section of the Zodiac, with a focus on the First Decan of Mars. The Memory wheel contains the full description of the Decan compiled from multiple medieval or more ancient sources (Agrippa, Picatrix, Ibn Ezra, Johannes Angellus & Liber Hermetis), as well as actual miniatures of the decans from the “Astrolabium Planum” tractate of Johannes Angellus (c. 1488).

For a more detailed (read nerdy) approach to the Art of Zodiacal Memory, I have added the chaldean (“seven zoned sphere”) planetary rulerships for each degree of the Decan, thus allowing for a 360 loci/places memory system for those brave souls that would endure the task of memorizing all of them.

In ancient times it was said that some masters of Astrology and the Art of Memory managed to memorize the Degree Based Zodiac Memory Palace and achieved miraculous feats.

Benefits of an Astrology Memory Wheel

  • Advanced understanding of the Astrological doctrine of Decans
  • Aid in interpreting natal charts: consider the planets being placed in each decan, as taking on a specific face, the face of that Decan. Planets in their own faces are stronger.
  • Useful for memorizing long lists, or maybe even entire books? 🙂
  • Cool conversation piece
  • Unique design (you can hang the canvas print on a wall for memorizing reference).
  • It is a magical way of blending the Astrological art with mundane tasks
  • Did I mention it’s very cool?
  • Activates the Nerd Astrologer in each one of us
  • Enables research into Myriogenesis – the fabled technique of Astrology predictions by degree that some Ancient Astrologers were said to master.

The 1st Decan of Aries is of Mars. 

The first Face of Aries is of Mars, and it is called Aulathamas. It is an armed sign, upright, walking, valiant, self-laudatory, irascible, restless.
Having the likeness of a giant black man, with dark red eyes, straight eyebrows and red hair. 
He is wrapped in a white cloak with a rope girdle on, holding a sword in his right hand.
The Image signifies boldness, fortitude, loftiness, immodesty.

Preorder available

The Zodiac Memory Wheel will be available for shipping starting with the 1st of February

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