Complete guide on how to make an Astrology Talisman

If you’ve ever wondered how to make an Astrology Talisman, in the following sections we’ll cover the basic concepts, as well as outline the requirements for constructing a Talisman. But first…

What is a Talisman?

Various Amulets and Charms

First of all, a Talisman is not the same as an Amulet or a Charm. Amulets or Charms have intrinsic significance (eg. Rabbit’s foot for Good Luck, Cross, Swastika, etc.), while Talismans are objects created on purpose, with the aid of Planetary Spirits who are invited to enter and ensoul the object, thus turning the Talisman into a ‘living’ thing. Using this live Talisman turns the holder into an ambassador of that particular Planet, embodying its virtues.

Christian and Medieval Talismans

The core principle in the Art of Talisman creation is the act of inscribing certain images on a (preferably reflective) surface at the proper astrological configurations. The markings come in the form of symbols, images, characters, magic squares or sigils associated with the target Planetary Spirit of the Talisman.

More to the point, a Planetary Talisman is an image composed of various Sigils and Images associated with the Talismanic Subject (Planet, House, Star etc.), at the proper Astrological moment, and subsequently consecrated in a specific ritual, so that the Planetary/Star Spirit can ensoul the material talisman. Thus, a Talisman becomes a living being.

The end goal is to use it as an instrument in convincing (not commanding) the Spirits of each of the 7 classical planets to help us achieve our goals, through the embodiment of the planetary virtues in the Talisman, as well as in ourselves.

This form of Astrological Work is called Planetary Magic. It is quite different from Theurgy or Goetia Magick, where the goal is to summon and command Gods, Angelic or Demonic entitites. Planetary Spirits are different, benevolent, and infinitely more easy to work with.

Basic assumptions in Talismanic Magic

  1. We work only with the 7 classical planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon) – Yes, Sun and Moon are considered ‘planets’, as the original greek term means wandering stars, as opposed to the other fixed stars that can be seen in the night sky.
  2. The Planets are ensouled, and they have a Planetary Spirit, similar to human bodies that are ensouled and have spirits.
  3. Everything in the universe is connected to everything else through correspondence and affinity. Everything in our world corresponds through its properties and parts to one or more of the 7 planets
  4. The basic metaphysical system behind talismanic work is a mix of Pythagorean, Platonic, Aristotelian, Neoplatonic concepts.
  5. This Metaphysical system can be described as a Golden Chain of Being of the following form:
    • God (The One) -> Divine Ideas -> Intermediary Celestial Realm (Planetary Spirits, Angels, Daimons etc.) -> Elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth) –> Material Realm Man –> Animals –> Vegetables –> Minerals)
  6. That which is Above is one with that which is Below, and together they form the miracle of one thing.

General Requirements for Talismanic Magic

Altar Example
  1. Talismans work regardless of whether or not you believe they work, but if you firmly believe in the magical work, the Talisman will work even better and may perform actual wonders.
    • Western belief systems already derive much of their doctrine from the above metaphysical framework, and they can be integrated with talismanic work through some ‘conceptual adjustments’, but further reading is necessary.
  2. Choose the Planet for whom you wish to construct the Talisman, based on your desires, but also on your own birth chart.
    • The Planet that you are targeting should be strong as well in your birth chart, otherwise it might involve some rough initial adjustment period.
  3. Find the appropriate astrological configuration under which to construct the Talisman. This step is the most important step and requires advanced knowledge of Traditional Electional Astrology, as well as a firm understanding of the electional criteria set forth by the ancients.
  4. Choose the Talisman form. I have collected from existing ancient sources the following forms, and listed them based on their perceived talismanic power:
    • Paper (the weakest form of talismans, next to inert, according to some)
    • Wax (weak to moderate effect)
    • Metal (moderate affect) (gold, silver, brass, tin, steel etc.)
    • Loose Gemstone (moderate effect) – use ROUND/OVAL cabochons.
    • Sphere Gemstone (powerful area effect)
    • Metal Pendant + Herbs + Plant (powerful personal effect)
    • Metal Ring + Herbs + Plant (very powerful personal effect)
  5. Collect the Talisman Materials and Resources, including the Consecration Ritual requirements
    • Metal/Mineral/Herbs appropriate for each planet
    • Incense/suffumigation
    • Candles (optional, renaissance addition)
    • Engraving tools (ink pen for paper, gemstone/metal engraving tool)
    • Choose Talisman Symbols, Characters and Images that will be engraved on the Talisman (See the Planetary Cheat Sheets)
    • Choose invocation text
    • Choose music (optional, renaissance addition)
    • Choose clothes (optional, renaissance addition)
    • Choose specific dieting foods, according to planet, and observe other ritualistic requirements (abstain from sex etc.)

In order to select the appropriate materials for the planet, you need to consult authoritative sources such as:

  • Picatrix
  • Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Henric Cornelius Agrippa
  • Christian Astrology, William Lilly
  • Introduction to Astrology, Al Biruni

To facilitate this process, I will be creating a Planetary ‘Cheat’ Sheet for each of the seven planets:

Also, you canrefer to my other articles in the Astrology Questions series for more insights into the workings of Astrology:

Steps for constructing a Planetary Talisman

  1. Choose an altar space (can be any place). Use a cloth appropriate to the planet to designate that space. You need privacy and quite for the ritual.
  2. Use candles, either in an appropriate number for each planet, or just a simple white one. You can annoint the candles with appropriate oils, and you can even carve them with the appropriate symbols, before the ritual.
  3. Dress accordingly, for each planet
  4. Set-up the incense burner (incense burner & incense cone/sticks, or charcoal and incense/herb)
  5. Start lighting the charcoal (if you are using raw incenses) a couple of minutes before the actual start of the electional window.
  6. Commence at the start of the actual elected moment by lighting the candles and incense. You can say a prayer at this time, or employ any kind of purification ritual.
  7. Next Invoke the Planetary Spirit, calling upon it. You can use the Orphic hymns dedicated to each planet, included in the Planetary Cheat Sheets (optionally: you can play appropriate music; I use Gustav Holst – The planets series).
  8. You can now start creating the talisman:
    • Paper Talismans: you can start drawing/writing on them, or color any image you’ve printed either before, or during the electional window
    • Wax Talismans: stamp or draw the images/charcters in the wax with a hot rod/
    • Engrave gems, loose stones or spheres
    • Rings/Pendants: Engrave the gemstone with the appropriate symbols, place the appropriate herbs in the ring/pendant socket/tray, then place and glue the engraved gem over the herbs, in the socket, to seal everything.
  9. Once Talisman creation is finalized, move the talisman back and forth over the incense smoke. This is called Suffumigation, and it is a very important step! This is when the Planetary Spirit descends to ensoul the Talisman.
  10. Stop all work when the Electional window has passed. If you did not finish the work (engraving, setting the stone in the ring/pendant) you may finish the work at similar (if not identical) astrological conditions, or when the Moon is in Cancer.
    • It would be best if you finished within the electional window, so make sure you have enough time.
  11. Meditate on the Planetary virtues. Through the use of the Talisman, you will embody these virtues, and become a Planetary Ambassador.
  12. Repeat the consecration for a number of consecutive days in the Planetary Hour of the Planet, for maximum efficiency and potency, and then repeat regularly once a week.

Final thoughts

I have given here all of the information that is required for you to put together and create the talisman. It is self evident that we need to put some effort into understanding where all this comes from, and why it works this way and so on, because Talismans that are not created with a good understanding of the process and its effects can leave room for error, and can sometimes do a lot of harm.

This is the reason why the original Masters of this Art also hid parts of the knowledge from the student, in order to stimulate his rational mind, and test his will and patience in gathering all of the information and understanding that is required. I hope you have found this useful and that you will continue your journey of discovery.

May the Planetary Spirits smile upon your endeavors.

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