Jupiter – Astrology Planetary Magic Cheat Sheet

Jupiter is placed next to Saturn. Among the Ancients you shall sometimes find him called Zeus, or Phaeton: He is the greatest in appearance to our eyes of all the Planets (the Sun, Moon and Venus excepted;)

Color & Motion

In his Color he is bright, clear, and of an Azure color. In his Motion he exceeds Saturn, finishing his course through the twelve Signs in twelve years: his middle motion is 4 min. 59 seconds: his Diurnal motion is 8,10,12 or 14 min. hardly any more.


His greatest North Latitude is 1’38. His greatest South Latitude is 1’40


He is Retrograde about 120 days, is five days in his first station before retrogradation, and four days stationary before Direction.

Essential Dignities

Diurnal domicile in Sagittarius. Nocturnal Domicile in Pisces. Exaltation in Cancer, Fall in Capricorn.

Nature, Temperament

Jupiter Art Fine Art Astrology Reproduction
Jupiter Art Fine Art Astrology Reproduction

Lilly: He is a Diurnal, Masculine Planet, Temperately Hot and Moist, Airy, Sanguine, the greater Fortune, author of Temperance, Modesty, Sobriety, Justice.

Al Biruni: Jupiter is moderately warm and moist. The greater benefic. Male. Diurnal. Moderate, complete, pleasant, best and easiest things. Moderation, solidity, smoothness. Easily worked soil.

Agrippa: Airy. Jupiter rules over all things which respect the increase, nourishment, and vegetation of the life. 


Agrippa: Blood, and the spirit of life

Manners, Actions and Morals, when well dignified.

Lilly: Magnanimous, Faithful, Bashful, Aspiring in an honorable way at high matters, in all his actions a Lover of fair Dealing, desiring to benefit all men, doing Glorious things, Honorable and Religious, of sweet and affable Conversation, wonderfully indulgent to his Wife and Children, reverencing Aged men, a great Reliever of the Poor, full of Charity and Godliness, Liberal, hating all Sordid actions, Just, Wife, Prudent, Thankful, Virtuous: so that when you find Jupiter the significator of any man in a Question, or

Lord of his Ascendant in a Nativity, and well dignified, you may judge him qualified as above said.

Al Biruni: Manners: Good disposition, inspiring, intelligent, patient, high-minded,devout, chaste, administering Justice, truth-te1ling, learned, generous, noble, cautious in friendship, egoistic, friend of good government, eager for education, an honourable trusty and responsible custodian, religious. 

Activities & Morals: Friendliness, a peacemaker, charitable, devoted to religion and good works, responsible, uxorious, laughing, eloquent, eager for wealth, in addition to affability some levity and recklessness.

When ill dignified

Lilly: When Jupiter is unfortunate, then he wastes his Patrimony, suffers every one to cozen him, is Hypocritically Religious, Tenacious, and stiff in maintaining false Tenets in Religion; he is Ignorant, Careless, nothing Delightfull in the love of his Friends; of a gross, dull Capacity, Schismaticall, abating himself in all Companies, crouching and stooping where no necessity is.


Al Biruni: Noble actions, good government, religion, doing good; interpretation of dreams; goldsmiths work, banking; selling old gold and silver, white clothes, grapes and sugar-cane.


Lilly: He signifies an upright, straight and tall Stature; brown, ruddy and lovely Complexion; of an oval or long Visage, and it full and fleshy; high Forehead; large gray Eyes; his Hair soft, and a kind of auburn brown; much Beard; a large, deep Belly: Strong proportioned Thighs and Legs; his feet long, being the most indecent parts of his whole Body; in his Speech he is Sober, and of grave Discourse.


Lilly: The skin more clear, his complexion Honey-colour, or betwixt a white and red, sanguine, ruddy Color; great Eyes, the body more fleshy, usually some Mole or Scare in the right Foot.

The skin more clear, his complexion Honey-color, or betwixt a white and red, sanguine, ruddy Color; great Eyes, the body more fleshy, usually some Mole or Scare in the right Foot.


Lilly: A pure and lovely Complexion, the Stature more short, the Hair a light Brown, or near a dark Flaxen; smooth, bald about the Temple or Forehead.

Parts of the Body

Al Biruni: Air and blood. Arteries, sperm and bone marrow. Heart in partnership with the Sun. Left ear. Hearing and touch. Thighs and intestines, womb and throat.

Quality of Men

Lilly: Men of middle age, or of a full Judgment and Discretion. He signifies Judges, Senators, Councelours, Ecclesiastical men, Bishops, Priests, Ministers, Cardinals, Chancellors, Doctors of the Civil Law, young Schollars and Students in an University or College, Lawyers. Clothiers, Wollen-Drapers.

Al Biruni: Children and grandchildren. Kings, vazirs, nobles, magnates, lawyers, merchants, the rich and their sycophants.


Lilly: Plurisies, all Infirmities in the Liver, left Ear, Apoplexies, Inflammation of the Lungs, Palpitations and Trembling of the Heart, Cramps, pain in the Back-bone, all Diseases lying in the Vaines or Ribs, and proceeding from corruption of Blood, Squinzies, Windiness, all Putrification in the Blood, or Fevers proceeding from too great abundance thereof.

Al Biruni: Sickness, fatigue, fever, death in childbed, Caesarean section. Fine figure, round race, thick prominent, nose, large eyes, frank look, small beard, abundant curly hair reddish. 


Lilly: He governeth the Sweet or well scented odours; or that Odour which in smell is no way extreme or offensive.

Al Biruni: Sweet, bitter-sweet, delicious.

Agrippa: Sweet and pleasant.


Lilly: Sea-green or Blew, Purple, Ash-color, a mixt Yellow and Green.

Al Biruni: Dust-color and white mixed with yellow and brown, shining, glittering.

Incenses for suffumigation

Agrippa: Lignum ales, Storax, Gum benjamin, cloves, saffron, pleasant smelling fruits and plants.


Lilly: Cloves and Clove-sugar, Mace, Nutmeg, Gilly- flower, the Straw-bury, the herb Balsam, Bettony, Centory, Flax, Ars-smart, Fumitory, Lung-wort, Pimpernel, Walwort, Orangy or Wild Margorane, Rubbarb, Self-heale, Borage, Buglosse, Wheat, Willow-hearb, Thorough-Leafe, Violets, Laskwort, Liverwort, Bazil, Pomergranets, Pyony, Liquorish, Mynt, Mastix, the dazy, Feversend, Saffron.

Agrippa: Sea-green, Garden Basil, Bugloss, Mace, Spike, Mints, Mastick, Elicampane, the Violet, Darnell, Henbane, and also all manner of Corn, as Barley, Wheat, also Raisins, Licorish , Sugar, and all such things whose sweetness is manifest, and subtile, partaking somewhat of an astringent, and sharp tast, as are Nuts, Almonds, Pine-apples, Filberds, Pistake Nuts, roots of Peony, Mirabolaus, Rhubarb, and Manna, Orpheus adds Storax.

Al Biruni: Roses, flowers. herbs sweet-smelling or tall, such plants as are light and whose seeds fly with the wind. Wild pomegranate, apple, wheat, barley, rice, durra, chick peas, sesame. 


Al Biruni: Those which are moderately hot and moist and are profitable and agreeable. Fruits. Vital, growing nutritive faculties and the air in the heart. 


Lilly: Cherry-tree, Birch-tree, Mulberry-tree, Corall-tree, the Oae, Barburies, Olive, Gooseburies, Almond-tree, the Ivy, Manna, Mace, the Vine, the Fig-tree, the Ash, the Pear-tree, the Hazel, the Beech-tree, the Pyne, Raysons.

Agrippa: the Poplar tree, and those which are called lucky trees, as the Oak, the tree aesculus which is like an Oak but much bigger, the Holm tree, the Beech tree, the Hasle tree, the Service tree, the white Fig tree, the Pear tree, the Apple tree, the Vine, the Plum tree, the Ash, the Dog-tree, and the Olive tree, and also Oil.

Al Biruni: Trees bearing sweet fruit without hard skin such as peach, fig, apricot, pear and lote-fruit, companions Venus as to fruits.


Lilly: The Sheep, the Heart or Stag, the Doe, the Oxe, Elephant, Dragon, Tyger, Unicorne, those Beasts which are Mild and Gentle, and yet of great benefit to Mankind, are appropriate to him.

Agrippa: Amongst Animals such as have some stateliness, and wisdom in them, and those which are mild, well trained up, and of good dispositions, as the Hart and Elephant, and those which are gentle, as Sheep and Lambs.

Al Biruni: Man, domestic animals and those with cloven hoots such as sheep, oxen, deer, those which are speckled and beautifully coloured, and edible, or speaking, or trained such as lions, cheetahs and leopards. Birds with straight beaks , grain eating, not black, pigeon, francolin, peacock, domestic fowls, hoopoe and lark. 

BIRDS, &c. Lilly: The Stork, the Snipe, the Lark, the Eagle, the Stock-dove, the Partridge, Bees, Pheasant, Peacock, the Hen.

Agrippa: Amongst birds, those that are of a temperate complexion, as Hens, together with the Yolk of their Eggs. Also the Partridge, the Pheasant, the Swallow, the Pellican, the Cuckow, the Stork, birds given to a kind of devotion which are Emblemes of gratitude. The Eagle is dedicated to Jupiter, she is the Ensigne of Emperours, and an Embleme of Justice, and Clemency. 

FISH. Lilly: The Dolphin, the Whale, Serpent, Sheath-fish or River Whale.

Agrippa: Amongst fish, the Dolphin, the fish called Anchia , the Sheath fish, by reason of his devoutness. 


Lilly: He delighteth in or near Altars of Churches, in public Conventions, Synods, Convocations, in Places neat, sweet, in Wardrobes, Courts of Justice, Oratory.

Agrippa: Unto Jupiter are ascribed all privileged places, consistories of noble men, tribunals, chairs, places for exercises, schools and all beautiful, and clean places, scattered or sprinkled with divers odors.


Lilly: Tin.

Agrippa: Tin, Silver, and Gold, by reason of their temperateness.

Al Biruni: Tin, White lead, fine-brass.


Lilly: Amethist, Saphire, Emerald, Topaz, Chrystal, Bezoar, Marble, and that which in England we call Free-stone.

Agrippa: Hyacinth (Sapphire), Beril, Emerald, green Jasper, and airy colors

Al Biruni: Marcasite, tutty, sulphur, red arsenic, all white and yellow stones, stones found in ox-gall.


Lilly: He usually produceth serenty, pleasant and healthful North Winds, and by his gentle Beams all ayes the ill weather of any former Malignant Planets.


Lilly: He governeth the North Wind, that part which tendeth to the East. 


Lilly: His Radiation or Orbe, is nine degrees before and after any of his aspect.


Lilly: He governeth the second and tenth moneth; his proper seat in man is the Liver; and in the Elements he ruleth the Ayre.


Lilly: His greatest years are 428. his greater 79. his mean 45. least 12. AGE


Lilly: He governeth the second Climate.

Countries, Cities

Lilly: Babylon, Persia, Hungaria, Spain, Cullen.

Agrippa: Under Jupiter with Sagittarius are Tuscana. Celtica, Spain and Happy Arabia: under him with Pisces are Lycia, Lydia, Cilicia, Phamphylia, Paphlagonia, Nasamonia and Libya. 


Lilly: Christians and those dressed in white.


Lilly: The number of three is attributed to him. 


Lilly: Zadkiel. 

Day of the Week

Thursday, and rules the first hour after Sun rise, and the eighth; the length of the Planetary hour you must know by the rising of the Sun, and a Table hereafter following. 


Lilly: All Planets except Mars are friends to Jupiter. In gathering any Hearb appropraited to Jupiter, see that he be very powerfull either in Essential or Accidental Dignities, and the Moon in some manner in good aspect with him, and if possible, let her be in some of his Dignities, &c. 

Planetary Images

Al Biruni: A young man with a drawn sword in the right hand and a bow and a rosary in the left, on horse-back; Another picture: man on a throne clad in variously coloured robes, a rosary in the left hand. 

Orphic Hymn to Jupiter

O Jove, much-honour’d, Jove supremely great, 
To thee our holy rites we consecrate, 
Our pray’rs and expiations, king divine, 
For all things to produce with ease thro’ mind is thine. 
Hence mother Earth and mountains swelling high 
Proceed from thee, the deep and all within the sky. 
Saturnian king, descending from above, 
Magnanimous, commanding, sceptred Jove; 
All-parent, principle and end of all, 
Whose pow’r almighty shakes this earthly ball; 
Ev’n Nature trembles at thy mighty nod, 
Loud-sounding, arm’d with light’ning, thund’ring God. 
Source of abundance, purifying king, 
O various-form’d, from whom all natures spring; 
Propitious hear my pray’r, give blameless health, 
With peace divine, and necessary wealth. 

Sources (further reading)

  • Al Biruni, Introduction to Astrology
  • Henric Cornelius Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy
  • William Lilly, Christian Astrology

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