On the Study of Astrology

I have always been passionate about Astrology, and studying Astrology is a part of my life, and it will always remain so. Having said that, I discovered early on that I can apply some of my skills to my learning process. Since I am a Project Manager by trade, it…

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How to make a Talisman

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a Talisman, in the following sections we’ll cover the basic concepts, as well as outline some of the requirements for constructing a Talisman. But first… What is a Talisman? First of all, a Talisman is not the same as an Amulet or a…

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Jupiter – Astrology Planetary Magic Cheat Sheet

Jupiter is placed next to Saturn. Among the Ancients you shall sometimes find him called Zeus, or Phaeton: He is the greatest in appearance to our eyes of all the Planets (the Sun, Moon and Venus excepted;) Color & Motion In his Color he is bright, clear, and of an…

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Upcoming Sun Talisman #1 2019

Hello everyone, Since I’ve been having some back problems for quite some time (both lower and upper back), I’ve been looking to fashion for myself a good Sun Talisman to help and facilitate the healing process. I’m looking at Sun Talismans in particular, given that the Sun rules the Spine…

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Where Astrology came from

History of Astrology - Sumerian Astrology, Babylonian Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology

When we talk about Astrology, whether we know it or not, we are also talking about Astral Theology. It is widely accepted that most ancient cultures had some form of Astral Theology, but not all cultures developed an Astrological Technology. This Astrology article focuses on WHERE Astrology came from.

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Why Astrology is a Pseudoscience

Astrology Pseudoscience

Short Answer to why Astrology is a pseudoscience Simply put, Astrology is a pseudoscience, as in “not science” or ‘false science’, because Astrology is not a science in the modern acceptance of the word!

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