Astrological Zones of the Face #1 – Edward Laidrich [Download only]


This downloadable print features a unique and interesting design of the human face, based on the work of Edward Laidrich. A doctor in Philosophy and Medicine, Edward Laidrich demontrates in his book, „Science du Visage” – Science of the Face (first published in 1947) that a person’s character can be read from the features of his face.

The Human Profile in the image is divided into zones, where each zone is ruled by one the 7 classical planets. The Planets then give signs related to an individual’s character, based on their general astrological significance, combined with the features of the face.


This downloadable print features a Human Head seen from a profile view. It’s content is in French, but it features the following topics:

  • general division of the length of the human face
  • general astrological correlation between parts of the face and the 7 classical planets

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