Digital Mercury Talisman [+8 Very powerful Astrology Talisman]


** The +8 Very powerful Mercury/Hermes Talisman **

The Renaissance mage Cornelius Agrippa says that Mercury talismans, “render the bearer thereof grateful, and fortunate to do what he pleaseth: it bringeth gain, and prevents poverty, conduceth to memory, understanding, and divination, and to the understanding of occult things by dreams:” Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Bk II,ch 22.

In the Arbatel, the Olympic Spirit of Mercury – Ophiel – is said to teach all arts and dignify the one who wears this seal. Ophiel also provides a deeper insight into Alchemical processes in general, relating it to mystical/occult experiences.

** Talisman Timing & Details **
The astrologically elected time to hand draw this Hermes/Mercury Talisman is quite special and we are very happy to have secured this very powerful (+8) talisman at this time. The Talismanic work was begun at 11:41 AM, 06.06.2018, Bucharest EET+3:00, and was perfected at 12:05 PM.


** Talisman Timing & Details **

The astrologically elected time to hand draw this Hermes/Mercury Talisman is quite special and we are very happy to have secured this talisman at this time. The Talismanic work was begun at 11:41, 06.06.2018, Bucharest EET+3:00, and was perfected at 12:05.

Mercury is in Gemini, it’s diurnal domicile, in near-perfect conjunction with the Sun, in the 10th place, the top-most part of the sky. Mercury is also ruler of the Day, and in his nocturnal triplicity. This scheme accounts for a very powerful +8 Mercury Talisman (Domicile Ruler+5, Triplicity+2, Day Ruler+1).
Additionally, Mercury also rules the Ascendant, which is very fortunate considering his placement in the 10th house, along with the Sun. Finally, the Moon, as a general significator for the completion of all matters, is in the 7th House, a fortunate place, in mutual reception with Venus, and also applying fortunately to the Mercury-Sun Conjunction, while also safely separating from the malefic rays of Mars & Saturn (we are very keen on securing a proper configuration for the Moon as well).

This very powerful configuration ensures, as Agrippa hinted so many centuries ago:

  • wealth,
  • intelligence,
  • prosperity,
  • career success,
  • exaltation (10th/1st house topics),
  • clear mind,
  • consciousness of the self (1st House, Sun-Mercury Conjunction),
  • intuition,
  • mystical understanding and deepening of knowledge,
  • achieving of goals through intellect,
  • reasoning and
  • social interactions (applying 7th House Moon).

** Talismanic Images and seals **

The Hermes Digital Talisman features the following images or seals:

  • The Magic Square of Mercury: 8×8 (the sum of every column, row or diagonal equals the same number) – the top first image
  • The Sigil of Mercury/Hermes which features the following
  • The Sigil of Ophiel – Olympic spirit of Mercury/Hermes – top left of second image –
  • The Sigil of Mercury – top right of second image
  • The Character of Mercury, with Angel Tiriel ruling over it – bottom left of second Image
  • The Spirit of Mercury, with Angel Taphthartharath ruling over it – bottom right of second image
  • Outer Rim: Ophiel, name of the Olympic Spirit, the Astrological Symbol for Mercury, the `mercurial letters`, and Archangel Raphael’s Sigil, who governs over Mercury.

** What is a Digital Talisman? **

Quite simply, it is a digital hand drawn image composed of various Sigils and images associated with the Talismanic Subject (Planet, House, Star etc.), at the proper Astrological moment, that you can then use as a wallpaper for your mobile phone, or print it and carry it in your wallet etc.

** Digital Talismans in detail **

This is an entirely new concept that we have been working on for quite some time, which we believe is suited for and serves the magical needs of our modern digital era. A Talisman is basically a magical object that is enchanted with a particular Astrological or otherwise Magical configuration, usually associated with one of the 7 classical planets/stars: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. The end goal is to use it as an instrument in convincing (not commanding) the Olympic Spirit of each planet to help us achieve our goals.

This form of Astrological Work is called Planetary Magic. It is quite different from Theurgy or Goetia Magic, where the goal is to summon and command Angelic or Demonic entitites. Planetary Spirits are different, benevolent, and infinitely more easy to work with.

The core principle in the Art of Talisman creation is the act of inscribing certain markings on any kind of surface at the proper astrological configurations. The markings come in the form of symbols, characters, magic squares or sigils associated with the target Planetary Spirit of the Talisman. The main difference between our Digital Talisman and the Physical Talismans of the Middle Ages is that the Digital Talisman comes in the form of a Digital image that is MANUALLY inscribed or drawn by us at the exact moment of the Astrological Configuration that is suited to call upon the Olympic Spirit to help us in our various quests.

We believe that the actual physical material of the Talisman is not actually relevant or particularly necessary for Planetary Magic, or for Magic in general. What is paramount though are these points:

  1. The Focused Intention of the Desire/Goal
  2. The Elected Astrological Configuration for the relevant Planetary Spirit.
  3. The Consecration of the Digital Talisman

The Digital Talisman that we provide comes imbued with the Astrological Configuration of the selected moment. We retain the right of selecting this moment based on Astrological timing, configurations, etc. in order to ensure the best possible effect in a reasonable timeframe.

** What is required of you **

In order to truly make this Talisman YOURS and for the Olympic Spirit to attend to your desires you need to CONSECRATE the Talisman.

It’s really simple to do, but it is of tremendous importance, for which we will provide ample instructions in the downloaded files, along with The Talismanic Image itself.

** What you will be downloading **

  1. The Talisman image itself
  2. The Election Chart for the Talisman creation.
  3. Talisman Consecration instructions

Talisman Consecration Instructions – Table of Contents

  • Part I – Preparation for learning the Art of Magic is Sevenfold
  • Part II – Consecrating the Digital Planetary Talisman
  • Part III – Invocating the Olympic Spirit Ophiel
  • Annex I – Planetary Hours calculation
  • Annex II – Mercury General and Particular Significations (William Lilly “Christian Astrology”)
  • Annex III – Mercury General Associations (Al-Biruni’s Planetary Rulerships)

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