Excellent Jupiter Talisman Amethyst Bracelet 2 [++8] #2


A talisman of Jupiter makes a man pleasant, renowned, wealthy, admired, revered, trusted, confident, wise, magnanimous and friendly towards others.


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** Talisman Timing & Details **

For the first time in 12 years, Jupiter returns in his diurnal domicile, and will return again to it in another 12 years. This election focuses on Jupiter in Sagittarius, being in domicile (+5) and in its triplicity (+3) as well as on the Moon being fast and applying to a conjunction with Jupiter, her ruler, all while Jupiter is culminating at the height of its power.

The conjunction is free of the rays of the malefics, and the talismanic work was performed on Jupiter’s day, in the planetary hour of the Sun, a friend and co-sectarian of Jupiter. See attached image for the technical details of the election.

** Talisman Tarot Confirmation **

The Talismanic work was confirmed through Tarot Divination. In the three-card spread, the main card was 2 of Coins, which is associated with the planet Jupiter!

    ** Talisman Materials**

    This Talisman comes in the form of a natural untreated Amethyst bracelet with engraved 8mm spheres with a personal effect, including the traditional health benefits of the gemstone:

    • Amethyst (anxiety, depression, hormones, insomnia, intuition, irritability, relaxation, meditation, sinus, stress relief)

    ** Talismanic Images and seals **

    The Jupiter Talisman features the following sigils:

    • The regular sigil of Jupiter

    ** What is a Talisman? **

    The core principle in the Art of Talisman creation is the act of inscribing certain markings on any kind of surface at the proper astrological configurations. The markings come in the form of symbols, characters, magic squares or sigils associated with the target Planetary Spirit of the Talisman. 

    More to the point, it is an image composed of various Sigils and images associated with the Talismanic Subject (Planet, House, Star etc.), at the proper Astrological moment, and subsequently consecrated in a specific ritual, so that the Planetary/Star Spirit can ensoul the material talisman. Thus, a Talisman becomes a living being.

    The end goal is to use it as an instrument in convincing (not commanding) the Planetary Spirit of each of the 7 classical planets to help us achieve our goals.

    This form of Astrological Work is called Planetary Magic. It is quite different from Theurgy or Goetia Magic, where the goal is to summon and command Angelic or Demonic entitites. Planetary Spirits are different, benevolent, and infinitely more easy to work with.

    ** What is required of you **

    Treat it with respect! It is a living being. The talisman is consecrated according to the ancient rules of talismanic work, and it is thus alive, ensouled with the Spirit of the Sun.


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