Exquisite Bronzite Venus Love Talisman [++7] #2


A Talisman of Venus made in Bronzite, brings sex appeal, love and appreciation to the wearer.

The petition to Venus was made for: Love.

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** Talisman Timing & Details **

The astrologically elected time to engrave this Venus Talisman is quite special and we are very happy to have secured this talisman at this time. The Talismanic work was begun at 8:15am, 04.10.2019, Bucharest EET+3:00, and was perfected when Venus was 5* past the Ascendant (see attached chart).

  • Venus is in Domicile in Libra (+5)
  • Venus is in her own bounds (+2)
  • Venus is Angular (++) in the Ascendant
  • Moon separates from Jupiter (+) and applies to a Sextile with Venus (+)
  • Moon is Fast(+) but Cadent (-), but this condition is mitigated according to Picatrix by the fact that she is joined by a Benefic Jupiter in the House of the Goddess, her Joy (3rd), while the other Benefic (Venus) is on the Ascendant.
  • Venus is also conjunct the powerful fixed star SPICA, that is said to add additional benefits on account of friends, social success, but might also bring upon envy and gossip from persons of the same sex!

** Talisman Confirmation**

Right after the talismanic work I took out a three-card spread to divine whether Venus was pleased with the work and if she had ensouled the talismans. The spread was quite self-explanatory, with the main card in the image of the Queen of Disks, which actually rules 21* Sag to 20* Cap where the Moon was placed (23*Sag), and the Lady of the World (Trump 21).

Then there’s the Prince of Cups (representing me, the operator), who rules from 21* Lib to 20* Sco. This reading gave me a lot of confidence since the talismanic work was also begun at 21* Libra!! Talk about synchronicity!

It was also my birthday, and I am a Libra Sun, so this Venus talisman series is very dear to me.

** Talisman Material **

For this election I have chosen a Bronzite oval cabochon, intending it to be kept close by.

Bronzite is a stone that naturally helps with grounding, protection and stabilization.

** Talismanic Images and seals **

The Venus Talisman features the following images or seals:

  • The Sigil of Venus (Picatrix)
  • The Sigil of the Intelligence of Venus (Hagiel)
  • The Common name of the Planet (Venus)

** What is a Talisman? **

The core principle in the Art of Talisman creation is the act of inscribing certain markings on any kind of surface at the proper astrological configurations. The markings come in the form of symbols, characters, magic squares or sigils associated with the target Planetary Spirit of the Talisman. 

More to the point, it is an image composed of various Sigils and images associated with the Talismanic Subject (Planet, House, Star etc.), at the proper Astrological moment, and subsequently consecrated in a specific ritual, so that the Planetary/Star Spirit can ensoul the material talisman. Thus, a Talisman becomes a living being.

The end goal is to use it as an instrument in convincing (not commanding) the Planetary Spirit of each of the 7 classical planets to help us achieve our goals.

This form of Astrological Work is called Planetary Magic. It is quite different from Theurgy or Goetia Magic, where the goal is to summon and command Angelic or Demonic entitites. Planetary Spirits are different, benevolent, and infinitely more easy to work with.

** What is required of you **

Treat it with respect! It is a living being. The talisman is consecrated according to the ancient rules of talismanic work, and it is thus alive, ensouled with the Spirit of planet.

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