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This Tarot Reading is focused on a general question that you want to have an answer that is time based, starting from the past, to the current situation, and forward to the future and it’s outcome.



The Tarot Reading is a wonderful tool that can be used for gaining knowledge and deeper insights into one’s own mind and thought patterns. It is mainly used as a tool for exercising one’s awareness and command of the language of symbols, for, in the end, the Tarot is a book of universal symbols, and unlocking the language of symbols has always been at the forefront of occult research.

It can also be used as a divination tool, although there are however a certain number of limitations that one needs to take into account when using this tool for such a purpose:
– a Tarot reading is similar in principle with a Horary Chart Reading, in that it opens a window in TIME (see Horary Astrology listing under our shop), although it uses an altogether different symbolic language: the language of the Tarot Cards; where the rules of divining are no longer based on relations between different sets of logical relationships (zodiac, houses, planets, rulerships etc.); it relies then on the Reader’s Intuitive interpretation of the cards/symbols, without any context whatsoever. The Querent (client) need not provide any additional info, other than the question itself.

General Tarot Reading Guide

That being said, we have noticed some interesting properties of Tarot Readings in general. Although they open a window in the flow of Time, they are not time bound themselves. In other words, I can layout a 3-card spread today, face down, without looking at them, and at some point in the future, when I am asked to do a reading for any particular topic, I will use the spread that I had laid out any number of days before, and find that it is perfectly in sync with the topic or question. This brings up a number of interesting properties of Tarot and Time in general.

Finally, I am not a `psychic` and I don’t think there is anything remotely mystical or `occult` about Tarot. Based on the research conducted so far, I believe it has more to do with the fractal nature of Time, Consciousness and Destiny, and the language of Symbols.

** What I need from you **


The question that you will be proposing needs to be very clear and without ambiguities. The more vague the question is, the more vague the answer will be, if there will be any answer at all.


It is very difficult to read time related questions like `When will I marry?` Time is a very relative concept, and it requires a more advanced set of symbolic criteria in order for us to even attempt to interpret the fractal nature of time. Horary Astrology is more suitable for this kind of questions, for it does exhibit a more advanced symbolic language capable of dealing with fractal nature.

YES/NO Questions, Destiny and the Concept of Free Will

They appear relatively straight forward, but the reality is that there are no simple decisions or questions in life. In Tarot, Yes/No Questions are actually trick questions.
`Will I ever marry?` Regardless of whether we can read a simple Yes/No in a tarot spread, the point is the premise that is implied by such a reading, namely `There is No Free Choice` if our actions are can be pretedetermined through a Tarot Reading.

If I am able to read a `No` answer to your `Will I every marry?` question, then what I am actually saying to you is that regardless of what you may try to do or change in your life, YOU WILL NEVER MARY.
My philosophical model for Destiny and Choice stipulates that we do have Free Will, and CAN change things and go on a different path that the one we are already walking on. Therefore, the implication is that one CANNOT read a simple YES/NO answer to a question that refers to a future state of being.


– Questions related to knowledge of the Self (thoughts, feelings, aspirations, blocking points etc.)
– Questions related to Dreams and symbols
– Questions related to other people and relationships (past, present or immediate future)
– Questions related to your life path (choices, foreseeable outcomes)
– Questions related to Choosing a specific course of action out of a number of options
– Questions related to Morality, Ethics, Right or Wrong
– etc.

As a you can see, two common threads for the questions are the concept of knowledge of the self and the concept of Choice. This is one of the best ways to use Tarot for, because ultimately the Tarot merely reflects what is already in our minds and souls, by way of symbols that trigger intuitive reflections.

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