Hermetic Natal Astrology Reading


The session lasts ~1hour and includes an introduction and an overview of the most important topics in your life.


Dear Reader,

We have been researching philosophy and the occult arts for more than a decade and recently our research has lead to the coagulation of a new model for interpreting Life’s patterns that can be identified through this Hermetic Astrology Reading. The model that we are proposing is based in Platonic and Neo-Platonic thought, and it relies heavily on Hermetic principles regarding Life and Destiny. To put it simply, the underlying principle of our model for Astrological natal analysis consists in three Pillars of Destiny:

  • The Destiny of our Physical bodies
  • The Destiny of Choice and Free Will
  • The Destiny of Divine Providence

Having laid this foundation, we start analyzing the natal astrological chart through this triple lens of destiny and try to interpret the intricate and deep symbolism of astrological configurations of the natal chart, keeping in mind another fundamental principle: The Zodiac and the movements of the Planets in the sky do not influence life on Earth, or our destinies for that matter, but instead they reveal a celestial subtitle of our life unfolding before our very eyes on the eternal sky. By interpreting and reading this celestial subtitle we can gain valuable insights into the particular details of the Destiny that our Souls have chosen before our birth, and into the nature of Conscience and Free Will, that is available for us at every crossroad in our life.

The entire session is recorded (audio/video recording of my screen and sound) and sent to you via webtransfer services.

*** BONUS ***

After the purchase of this reading, you get to download for free the Mercury Ophiel +8 Talisman to aid you in your search for wisdom and self knowledge.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.


The Astrological Readings that I offer are based on the following premises:
1. The Stars DO NOT influence our destinies. They act as a subtitle to Life, unfolding before our very eyes in the night sky. In other words, responsibility for our actions and results rests entirely on our shoulders.

2. There is NO PREDETERMINATION of our actions. We DO HAVE FREEL WILL. That being said, the vast majority of our present and future actions and decisions are largely based on previous decisions and thought patterns (habits and unconscioua tendencies). True FREE WILL is achieved only through hard work and knowledge of the SELF.

3. Our Souls chose these particular lives before our birth, for a particular reason/purpose. They do not necessarily choose a specific Destiny, but more probably a Life, or a Way of Life.

4. The Purpose of Life is to become Conscious, through knowledge and awareness of the Self.

5. The Natal Chart does not show the ‘Final Destination’, but only an initial general direction, a range of possibilities, out of an infinity of possibilities, and more specifically a ‘Way of Life’ (as a whole).

6. True predictability of the future and Destiny is not possible (if we allow for Free Will). That being said, a large part of our actions is predictable due to the fact that we don’t exercise Free Will, but rather continue to act and choose in the same manner as we were educated/taught to choose. In this sense, there would appear a Destiny, but only Consciousness and Free Will are not developed to the extent that we can free ourselves from the prison of habit and conformity.

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