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This Horary Readings listing is for one question related to any domain of life where you need answers.



HORARY ASTROLOGY is a branch of Astrological doctrine that deals with answering questions related to our day to day business.

The fundamental principle of Horary Astrology is the idea that the moment of inception of an action contains in it the seeds of its further development and in most cases it’s subsequent finality.

Now, keeping this idea in mind, and considering that our actions, and those of the people around us, have particular causes and particular effects (vis. the Law of Cause and Effect), we can then use Astrology to open a window in TIME that will show us the MOST probable result of a particular action, by symbolically equating the inception of the action (past or future action) with the moment that you choose to ask the Astrologer a question.

In the old days, the Astrologer erected the inception chart (Horary chart) at the exact hour that the client asked the question if it was asked in person, or at the exact time of receiving a letter with the question, and then proceeded to interpret the Horary Chart.

In our digital era, where we use mainly email and instant chat, I retain the ancient principle of casting a Horary Chart at the precise hour that I come to acknowledge AND understand your question.

Ex.: If you send me a request, and I open the email 8 hours later, I will erect the chart at the moment of my reading and understanding your email. If I read your email, but I don’t fully understand the question, or it simply needs further clarification, I will erect the Horary Chart only after we have exchanged emails and I have fully understood your question.


For every question that I receive, I must perform a validity check, to ensure that there is an `alignment` between Divine Providence and the objective of answering your question (sometimes, the Astrologer is not permitted to interfere with the development of the issue).

In other words, BEFORE accepting payment, I will check if there is an (astrological) agreement between the Planet that Governs the day of the Inception Chart (also called Planetary Lord or Ruler of the Day) (Monday = Moon, Tuesday = Mars, Wednesday = Mercury, Thursday = Jupiter, Friday = Venus, Saturday = Saturn, Sunday = Sun) and YOUR particular Significator (the planet that rules over the Ascendant at the time of the Horary Chart).

If there is disagreement between the two Planetary Rulers, I will either cancel or reject the order, or return your money back if you already paid.

** What I need from you **

Question or area of life you would like me to examine. Preferably, the question should be as concise as possible. The more vague the question is, the harder it will be to pinpoint a probable answer.

** Optional (can be used to provide more information) **

Date of Birth of the person who asks the question:
Time of Birth (for most accurate information) of the person who asks the question:
Place of birth of the person who asks the question:



All horoscopes must be calculated using standard methods of procedure based on accurate data. It is critical to have a recorded time, date, and place of birth that is as precise as possible. If a rectified time or an alternative method is used, this should be stated and its limitations, if any, described.

Astrologers must use reasonably verified and credible astrological knowledge in their interpretation and test their competence through regular practice.

Astrologers respect the dignity of the client regardless of any personal belief, political affiliation, or bias the astrologer or client may have. In the event that they feel conflicted with their client’s beliefs in a way that would undermine their neutrality during a consultation, they must acknowledge that and suggest alternative options to the client.

Confidentiality regarding the exchange between the client and the astrologer must be maintained. There will be no use of client charts for lectures, articles, or in sharing a database with other astrologers unless prior permission has been obtained in writing and/or names have been eliminated.

Astrologers must take full responsibility for the information they impart, and acknowledge the autonomy the client has over their life decision and processes. Every client needs to be treated in a thoughtful manner. This includes refraining from making statements that are rigidly deterministic, such as predicting someone will never marry, never have children, or die at a specific time.

Clients must not be misled in any way, including emotional, sexual or financial exploitation and harassment.

If modalities and disciplines other than astrology are used in an astrology consultation, then it must be mentioned and agreed upon prior to the meeting.


All astrological work is expected to be performed with the highest standard of integrity and personal competence.

Astrologers are expected to practice good citizenship, and not use their skills to take advantage of others or work against the common good.

Astrologers should not mislead by making unfounded promises, or exaggerated claims.

**Please Note**

LEGAL DISCLAIMER (Fine Print Required) You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this reading, All Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only. Information provided by the reader is not to be substituted for professional, legal and or medical advice. No Guarantees are offered and all sales are final.

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