Splendid Bloodstone Sun Talisman [++7] #3


A talisman of the Sun made in blodstone, according to Cornelius Agrippa, makes a man constant, renowned and famous, and also it conduceth to long life.

The petition to the Sun was made for: Health, Power and Prosperity.

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** Talisman Timing & Details **

The astrologically elected time to hand draw this Sun Talisman is quite special and we are very happy to have secured this talisman at this time. The Talismanic work was begun at 6:31 AM, 14.04.2019, Bucharest EET+3:00, and was perfected at 6:39 AM.

This is a great election, and from what I’ve seen in the years to come, future Exalted Sun talismans will lack Jupiter’s support for the 3-4 years , until Jupiter gets to its nocturnal domicile in Pisces. Thus, all Exalted Solar Talismans created in this period will lack this most valuable added benefit from both co-sectarians (Jupiter and Saturn), which provide support and strength.

  • Sun is exalted in Aries (+4), diurnal, in its own fiery triplicity (+3), and angular (+) (Total ++7)
  • Sun applies to a trine with benefic Jupiter (in its own domicile) within 1 degree orb (+)
  • Sun separates from a square with Saturn. Even though Saturn is generally a malefic, here it is a functional benefic, since it is diurnal, angular, and in its own domicile. More so, the Tail of the Dragon decreases Saturn’s overall strength, thus enhancing its benefic virtues.(+)
  • The Ruler of both the Moon and Part of Fortune, is angular and strong (Sun) (++)
  • The Moon is fast, received by the Sun (trine), and occupies the 11th Mansion of the Moon (Azobra, the Mane of the Lion). (++)
  • The Ascendant ruler, being Mars, is cadent in the 3rd sign, and succedent in the 2nd house. Not a great position for Mars, as the Ascendant ruler, but with him being a malefic, it may be quite appropriate at this time. (+/-)

** Talisman Validation Reading **

In order to validate that a talismanic work has been performed successfully or in agreement with the Planetary Spirit, some practitioners use Tarot to gain insights… or feedback, from the Planetary Spirit regarding the Work.

Hence, after the consecration, I pulled out a 3 card spread to see if the Talisman has been ensouled, and if the Planetary Spirit is pleased.

Quite amazingly, the Chariot trump card appeared (where a Knight holds and transports the Graal – a metaphor for the Talisman), which I took for a sign that the Talisman is Alive and kicking. Also, the 6 of Cups, which is ruled by the Sun is also a sign that the Planetary Spirit is pleased with my work.

** Talisman Material **

For this election I have chosen a Bloodstone Cabochon. It can be set in silver or gold, at your local jeweler.

Bloodstone is a green-red jasper gemstone with red specks similar to blood, that has an affinity with the Sun, and is said to be a powerful healing stone used for thousands of years for its healing properties (purification, detox, grounding negative energy etc.).

** Talismanic Images and seals **

The Solar Talisman features the following images or seals:

  • The Sigil of the Sun (Picatrix)
  • The Sigil of the Intelligence of the Sun (Nachiel)
  • The common sigil of the Sun
  • The name of Archangel Michael, ruler of the Sun in the celestial hierarchy.

** What is a Talisman? **

The core principle in the Art of Talisman creation is the act of inscribing certain markings on any kind of surface at the proper astrological configurations. The markings come in the form of symbols, characters, magic squares or sigils associated with the target Planetary Spirit of the Talisman. 

More to the point, it is an image composed of various Sigils and images associated with the Talismanic Subject (Planet, House, Star etc.), at the proper Astrological moment, and subsequently consecrated in a specific ritual, so that the Planetary/Star Spirit can ensoul the material talisman. Thus, a Talisman becomes a living being.

The end goal is to use it as an instrument in convincing (not commanding) the Planetary Spirit of each of the 7 classical planets to help us achieve our goals.

This form of Astrological Work is called Planetary Magic. It is quite different from Theurgy or Goetia Magic, where the goal is to summon and command Angelic or Demonic entitites. Planetary Spirits are different, benevolent, and infinitely more easy to work with.

** What is required of you **

Treat it with respect! It is a living being. The talisman is consecrated according to the ancient rules of talismanic work, and it is thus alive, ensouled with the Spirit of the Sun.


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