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[RELEASE DATE: February 1st 2019]

The Zodiacal Memory Palace is a unique Astrological Tool that can be used both as a decorative piece, as well as an educational and a tool for mastering the Ancient Technique of the Memory Palace.

The Zodiacal Memory Palace is designed with the following features:

  • 12 Signs of the Zodiac
  • 36 Decanic images or faces of the planets
  • Decan Rulers
  • Individual degree planetary rulers

Read its story in the Zodiacal Memory Palace Project Article.



The First Decan of Aries

The first Face of Aries is of Mars, and it is called Aulathamas. It is an armed sign, upright, walking, valiant, self-laudatory, irascible, restless.
Having the likeness of a giant black man, with dark red eyes, straight eyebrows and red hair.
He is wrapped in a white cloak with a rope girdle on, holding a sword in his right hand.
The Image signifies boldness, fortitude, loftiness, immodesty.

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30×30 inch, 40×40 inch

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